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Jason Pero - Finding Teammates with a similar mindset will help push your business forward

Jason is a real estate investor from Erie, Pennsylvania who owns and operates over 900 rental units with his wife, Nadia. They have built their portfolio over the past several years owning everything from single family homes to large 80 plus unit apartment communities. He started his business while maintaining a day job in medical device sales, which he was able to retire from in 2012. His most recent syndication was a 205 unit deal in quarter four of 2018.

In this episode Jason and I talk about: Finding individual with a drive to learn in this business, even if that means they will eventually move on to start their own. Grooming and training these individuals to become a tier above an average employee; one that can make decisions without your guidance because they know the business Examples of Jason's own employees and an explanation as to why you need to know your employee's motivations.


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