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Aaron Chapman - Framing Your Mind When Starting to Invest

Aaron’s primary business is loan origination; he works with people ranging from those purchasing their first home, building their dream home or investing in multiple properties for long-term cash flow. He is presently ranked number 14 in an industry of over 300000 licensed loan originators for transactions closed annually. With a very positive and focused mentality Aaron has exploded his business over the past few years. Dave brought Aaron on to discuss how to shape your mentality to treat your operations as a business, no matter how small you may be starting out.

In this episode we cover:

  • How Aaron realized he was limiting himself and what changed
  • Making your mindset acknowledge that every transaction is an investment
  • Why you have to understand the concept of compound interest
  • How he individualizes the attention given to each new client to ensure their business plan will fit them
  • Why and how he becomes involved past the loan origination phase with said client
  • How he is teaching his kids how to invest and make good business decisions