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Jason Yarusi - Effectively Aligning Partner Interest

Jason is an active real estate syndicator and real estate investor. Jason founded Yarusi Holdings, a multifamily investment firm with over 450 units under management in 2016. The firm repositions properties through operational efficiencies, moderate to extensive renovations and complete rebranding. Jason also hosts the Real Estate Foundation, a podcast serving to help real estate investors take massive action through learning from the steps and miss-steps that many industry pros have taken along the way. He is also the founder of the New Jersey Multifamily Foundation Club with over 2000 members that focuses on real estate syndication and multifamily investing.

In this episode we cover:

  • Jason’s target market and why he and his wife Pili have chosen to expand their market
  • His latest deal, a 32 unit, which is smaller than their typical deal but it was too good to pass up
  • How to set up property management and construction partners for success with the right conversations
  • How to structure the conversations to keep everyone’s time well spent
  • Green programs offered by institutional lenders and why they may benefit your property’s business plan